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I'm A Hot Mess
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Nail Hoot's Candy Land Collection...

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Candy Land Collection

Kandy Krunch - a burnt orange almost a copper color that takes u right to the fall holiday's. Love it. (Thanksgiving is my favorite) 

My Green Plum - a very pretty green/teal color. It's light and has plenty of shimmer.

Grandma Sparkle Berry - a blue that is medium color. It also has some awesome shimmer in it. (absolutely my favorite polish out of this collection)

Ice Queen - a periwinkle color with shimmer and minimal sparkle. Very pretty. 

Licorice Twist - is a red that is almost like a very shimmery maroon.

Each of them has a shimmer, sparkle and the color and formula is fabulous. 

They sent me some lovely stuff. All these polishes are Mini polishes.. This collection also got me 4 entrances to there giveaway on Facebook. I will link it all for you to check out!  :-)

Here is the picture I posted on my Instagram account. You have the 5 polishes with the name on the top.An awesome thank you message is awesome too.

OK sorry about my nails looking ugly... But I had to swatch these pretties.

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